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Lancashire's leading specialist in Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing

Sometime ideas on paper  are great but a single prototype can show you flaws in that idea which can prove costly if mass produced. Delta Bearing Services can deliver rapid prototyping in Nelson Lancashire so you can see a physical end product to work with.

Rapid Prototyping
3D Printing

Contact Delta Bearing Services for an informal discussion and we can turn around your design quickly using 3D Printing allowing you to make alterations  saving valuable resources, money and time before making actual prototypes in real time. 

We Are Are Leaders in supplying the manufacturing Market

Our team have been part of the supply chain for Engineering Parts  and Automation Components for over 25 years. 
Bearing, pulleys and Transmissions alongside other consumables mean Delta Bearing services are the one stop resource for all engineers.

Construction Industry 100%
Manufacturing 100%
Engineering Parts 100%
Automation Components 100%
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