KHS machine parts UK
UK Rapid Response Reverse Engineering, KHS machine parts. We have come out of the EU market and turnaround times for logistics have increased. Replacement machinery parts coming from mainland Europe has increased downtime for many manufacturing companies seeking replacement parts for European built machines. In Italy the base for KHS machines is a perfect example of the current situation caused by logistics. 8 to 12 weeks lead time for replacement parts can lead to massive losses in manufacturing time and revenue due to products not being produced. A solution is to find the same KHS machine part from a local reliable supplier. Delta Bearing Services provide a rapid response reverse engineering  service. We can reverse engineer any part in a variety of materials, quickly, accurately and cost effectively. Our rapid response means you can often have your part manufactured and delivered same day (subject to design, material and current workload). Here is a perfect example: KHS machine parts UK The Italian Job A beverage manufacturer required a small batch of Snift Block Shafts for a filling machine quickly. Delivery time was quoted around 8-12 weeks by the machine manufacturers, this would jeopardise product output. So the company came to Delta Bearing Services for a solution and we provided them with our rapid response service by reverse engineering the original Snift Block Shaft. The client provided us with an original part at 8am on a Monday and by 3pm Tuesday the 10 parts were completed and delivered to site. Using our reverse engineering service we have saved the company over 11 weeks down time at a fraction of the cost of the original parts without factoring the time saved and potential lost revenue.

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